The Pros and Cons of Digital Signatures

pros and cons of digital signatures secured signing

Before Digital Signatures were legally recognized, all contracts had to be signed, shipped, faxed, or scanned, and filed. Obviously, this process requires multiple steps making it time consuming, costly, and should be avoided whenever possible in favor of digital signatures. Digital Signature transactions have ballooned in just five years—from 89 million to 745 million. 

Digital Signatures are quickly growing worldwide. They are used for both business and personal purposes, showing their benefits to people everywhere.  

This article talks about the pros and cons of using e-Signatures. It also explains the relationship between Secured Signing’s Digital Signatures platform and this topic. But before we get to that let’s indulge you in a quick story about:  

Once Upon a Time: Life Before Digital Signatures

Choosing the right digital signature platform

Picture this: you, the intrepid document chaser, desperately need to gather signatures from five different people. Each one a character in their own right. First, there’s Brenda in Marketing, who insists on signing with her special “Royal Sapphire” pen. After a city-wide hunt, you finally find it, only for Brenda to decide she needs to “sleep on it.”

Next up is Kevin in Sales, currently in Timbuktu (seriously?). Endless international calls, terrible Wi-Fi, and roaming charges later, you finally secure his signature. Feeling hopeful, you dash to catch Maria in Finance mid-yoga pose at the airport. She signs, after a debate on hemp vs. standard paper.

The CEO only communicates using carrier pigeons. The legal team believes overnight delivery isn’t real. You’ve got caffeine jitters and the tenacity of a bloodhound. There’s got to be a better way, right?

Enter Digital Signatures: The Hero We Need

Imagine a world where you don’t need to chase signatures across continents. Approvals happen instantly, sanity intact, and you save time, money, and a few trees. That’s the magic of digital signatures with Secured Signing.

The Pros of Digital Signatures  

  • Accessibility: Whether your signees are next door or on the other side of the world, they can sign documents anytime, anywhere.  
  • Process Automation: E-signatures integrate seamlessly into automated workflows, moving things along without manual intervention.  
  • Eco-Friendly: Digital signatures save paper, water, and energy. Did you know a pack of 500 sheets of paper uses 7.5 kg of wood and 130 liters of water? Digital is greener!  
  • Cost-Effective: No more spending on paper, ink, and travel. Plus, it’s kinder to your budget.  
  • Improved Records Management: Digital documents are easy to store, retrieve, and manage. No more rifling through filing cabinets.  
  • Customer Satisfaction: Convenience is king. Customers appreciate the ease of signing documents from their homes.  
  • Corporate Image: A digital signature shows you’re modern, sustainable, and forward-thinking.  


The Cons of Digital Signatures  

  • Trust Issues: Some folks just don’t trust technology. You might still need to offer wet signatures.  
  • Resistance to Change: People love their routines. Some companies went back to wet signatures post-pandemic just to stick to the old ways.  
  • Tech Requirements: Not everyone has access to the necessary tech. Some transactions might still need a personal touch or physical signing.  


The Cherry on Top: Speeding Up Processes  

Take healthcare, for example. Digital signatures speed up time-sensitive contracts, improving patient care. They eliminate the need for repeated signing and accelerate negotiations by making every step visible and trackable. 

Geographically diverse parties? No problem. Digital signatures handle it all without delays.  

Environmental Benefits  

Switching to digital signatures does wonders for the environment:  

  • Waste Reduction: Less paper, toner, and disposable supplies.  
  • Reduced Carbon Emissions: Fewer trees cut, less paper transported, and reduced commuting.  
  • Resource Conservation: Digital processes use less water and energy compared to paper manufacturing.  
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The Best Part: Peace of Mind   

Adopting digital signatures isn’t just about going paperless. It’s a strategic move that enhances security, boosts efficiency, and supports sustainability. With Secured Signing, you can enjoy these benefits while ensuring compliance and security in document processing. So, whether you’re a small business or a large enterprise company we have digital solutions that will suit your needs.  

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