The All-in-One Digital Signature and Audio-Visual Call Platform Gaining Rapid Adoption

Since the initial outbreak of COVID-19, Secured Signing has seen increased adoption of their video signing and remote online notarization platform. With organizations moving toward a hybrid work model, this trend will likely continue.


The all-in-one video signing solution allows you to conduct online video signing sessions with customers and clients, in-person but remotely, and from the safety of your own home office.


When getting serious documents signed digitally, it is legally important that you can identify who is signing, prove their intent and ensure document integrity.


Secured Signing solves all three areas with video signing. In a live, real-time video and audio call between parties, identities can be verified through various authentication methods, documents can be explained to ensure non-repudiation, and documents can then be digitally signed and sealed using PKI encryption which ensures any future changes to the document will invalidate signatures.


Since Secured Signing’s Video Signing solution release in 2020, many features and improvements have been added to Secured Signing’s video signing capabilities including signer authentication through identity proofing (adynamic Knowledge-Based Authentication) and credential analysis (ID Verification with Biometric check), automated meeting reminders and follow-ups, simpler rescheduling, and more.


“Video signing is an essential tool for getting serious documents signed for remote working environments,” says Gal Thompson, CEO at Secured Signing. “Video signing is a fully integrated product that is a part of the Secured Signing platform, which means customers and clients do not need to install any third-party software. From the moment a customer or client is engaged, they stay within the Secured Signing ecosystem, making it simple and easy to use for all parties involved.”


“The fact that you can get a document signed, in real-time, across a video call, with anyone in the world is exciting. It takes document signing to the next level.”


Secured Signing also offers a Remote Online Notarization platform, with video signing being a key tool for notaries across the United States. With over 38 states having now approved remote online notarization as a legitimate way to get documents notarized online, Mike Eyal, CTO at Secured Signing, said releasing the remote online notarization product was logical.


With the direction of where we saw technology progressing in 2020, the pandemic, and new hybrid-work models being introduced, it made sense to invest our developmental resources into building a notary product off the back of our existing Video Signing technology.”


Secured Signing is approved in 20 states as a remote online notarization technology provider. Allows many notaries to use Secured Signing Remote Online Notarization with Video Signing technology.


About Secured Signing

Secured Signing provides a one-stop digital signature service that delivers a full range of form completion, eSigning, and Remote Online Notarization capabilities. Using advanced personalized X509 PKI Digital Signature technology, it is more secure than a plain electronic signature.


Secured Signing enables its users to use any device to capture their graphical signature, fill-in, sign, seal and verify documents anywhere, anytime. The solution streamlines business processes, cuts back on expenses, expedites delivery cycles, improves staff efficiency, and enhances customer service in a green environment.