Simple, no fuss collaboration with Secured Signing shared folders

Digital File Transfer

Some great new features have been introduced to Secured Signing that make it even easier to collaborate with colleagues, partners and customers. Your folders in Secured Signing can now be shared with your colleagues so you can all see the progress of documents being signed.


The integrations to Google Drive, Dropbox, and OneDrive have been enhanced making Secured Signing a seamless part of how you share documents and folders with customers and partners. Let’s drill into each new capability in a little more detail.


Creating folders in “My Documents” is a great way to keep all the documents for a project or customer together and quicker to locate. Folders work across the entire signing workflow so documents will move from “Inbox”, to “In Progress” and signed in the folder they are assigned to. With the introduction of Shared Folders, you can choose to share a folder with one or more of the users in your Secured Signing account or accounts within your Enterprise Plan, allowing them to track the documents in that folder through the signing process.


It means everyone in your team can see where things are up to and if people are away unexpectedly, the process doesn’t get held up. Select the Share With option in the Folder Menu and choose the people you want to share the folder with. Simple as that!


Google Drive, One Drive,  and Dropbox are popular tools to give everyone in the team access to the documents needed to get the job done. Secured Signing now has complete round trip integration with these services. You can add documents to Secured Signing directly from Google Drive, One Drive, and Dropbox.


Using Google Drive, you can send documents for Secured Signing right from Google Docs or Google Drive. You can also connect Google Drive or One Drive or Dropbox as your preferred cloud storage to save your signed documents. It means everyone in the team will have immediate access to the signed document without waiting for you to download it and save it to folder you share with the team.


In “My Settings”, turn on the “Preferred Cloud Storage” option and choose the location you want to connect to your Secured Signing account.


These great new capabilities make it easy to embed Secured Signing into your collaboration workflow.  Shared Folders in Secured Signing allow teams to work together to get documents signed more quickly and with less effort. Plugging Secured Signing into your Google Drive or Dropbox provides a seamless round trip to add documents to Secured Signing and return signed documents back to the folder you share with customers, partners and colleagues.


Secured Signing customers have access to these handy new capabilities right now. They are available to all Secured Signing accounts, so register for your free account today and try them for yourself.