Secured Signing’s largest ever upgrade to its digital signature platform with summer 2017 release

Secured Signing continues to develop its digital signature and workflow platform with their Summer 2017 release, the largest ever package of new capabilities and enhancements, providing customers with an unmatched breadth and depth of capability for online signing.

Responding to engagement with its customers, Secured Signing, the preferred partner for e-Signature solutions, made their Summer 2017 release available to customers, delivering better control for administrators, new tools to include interested parties in the signing process and many enhancements to tailor fit the online signing workflow to business needs.


This release provides customers with more than 100 enhancements to the Secured Signing digital signature and workflow automation platform, all with a common theme of giving the customer finer control of how Secured Signing works for them.


Significant new capabilities headline the release including an all new portal to better manage enterprise plans, including reviewers in the signing workflow, the ability to include additional notification and completion recipients in the signing process, configurable reminder schedules, expansion of the public forms library and the addition of an attachments library.


I’m really pleased with the sheer number and depth of improvements our development team has delivered with the Summer 2017 release.” said Mike Eyal, Founder and Managing Director of Secured Signing. “Things like the improved enterprise portal and the additional recipients portal are significant pieces of work to have delivered in a release, let alone both in the one release. These big outcomes all dovetail with the myriad of other enhancements to give our customers finer control in how Secured Signing works for them.


Interested third parties to a signing transaction, be they a contracts manager seeking oversight on progress or the records team eager to ensure all executed agreements are captured, can now be included directly in the signing workflow. Additional notification and completion recipients will receive push notifications from Secured Signing in real time.


An all new notification recipients’ portal provides a dashboard to see progress on demand and provides an overview by document or by person.


Adding reviewers to a signing workflow allows advisors such as the customer’s lawyer, accountant or manager to be seamlessly embedded in the signing process. The approval of the reviewer is included in the document log and the invitation to sign is issued as soon as the approval stage is complete.


Secured Signing automates the whole process for rapid turnaround and complete transparency and accountability.


Many signing transactions people automate with Secured Signing require supplementary documents. The document library expands existing capability to include attachments to the email invitation by allowing these to be selected from a centrally managed library of documents ensuring the most recent version is used by everyone in the team.


In a similar vein, the public forms library has been expanded with the inclusion of KiwiSaver (KS2, KS10) and Tax Code Declaration (IR330) forms, providing mobile ready, web versions of common government forms that are ready to use out of the box. Public forms can be tried online for free at


A complete refresh of the enterprise plan portal gives administrators a clear, simple to use and mobile responsive experience for access anytime, anywhere. The front page dashboard provides an ‘at a glance’ overview of account activity and signing performance with the option to drill down to a comprehensive suite of reports.


A broader range of configuration options gives finer control over branding options, email templates, reminder schedules and document libraries, account settings and many more.


About Secured Signing

Secured Signing provides a comprehensive and secure SaaS digital signature service that delivers a full range of form completion and eSigning capabilities combining advanced personalized X509 PKI Digital Signature technology with easy-to-use, simple-to-deploy, compliant solutions.


Secured Signing enables its users to utilize smartphones, PCs, any tablet device and any browser, to capture their graphical signature, fill-in, sign, seal and verify documents anywhere, anytime. The solution streamlines business processes, cuts back on expenses, expedites delivery cycles, improves staff efficiency and enhances customer service in a green environment.