Secured Signing upgrades its digital signature platform with latest 2018 Release

Secured Signing continues to develop its digital signature and workflow platform with the latest 2018 release. This release is full of new enhancements and features, providing users the complete platform for online signing.

The new release includes the following functions:

We Sign form fields

You can now add Form Fields in the We Sign document preparation process. The document owner is  able to add the required form fields when preparing the document for signing. The invitee will be asked to fill in the fields before signing the document.

Secured Signing automatically recognizes form fields in PDF Editable documents 

Now you can upload an editable PDF document in the We Sign and Form Filler functions. Secured Signing system will automatically recognize these fields and present them to be completed online.

Increased signing key length 

Secured Signing user’s PKI Digital Signature signing key is now 4,096 bits.  We’ve also upgraded to SH2 cryptographic hash function with 384 bit in the signing process.. These  improvements mean Secured Signing has very high quantum computing resistance and enhanced document’s security for the long term.

Free verification service

Secured Signing’s free verification service enhancement allows you to verify signed PDF document with the trusted Digital Signature (PKI). You can validate that the document has not been altered after it was signed and also verify the signatories’ authenticity. The Secured Signing free verification service is available online or offline on your desktop.

Please note: download the latest Secured Signing Root Certificate for any documents signed after January 6th  2018.

Signature Image

System enhancement now support better image quality and image transparency when drawing your signature on mobile device or desktop.  If the signature size is too small, the system will notify the invitee and request to redraw the signature.

Multiple Witness Signatures

At times a witness signature is required in several positions throughout a document. Now you can add multiple number of signatures fields in a document for the same witness.

Single Sign On (SSO) 

Supports ADFS 4.x

Reroute signing invitations 

Enable reroute functionality to your email invitations. This allows your invitees to forward on your signing reques to another person.  For  enterprise users, you can limit the reroute function only to users within your organization.

Combine files

Upload several files in different formats to Secured Signing from your desktop or preferred cloud storage.  Secured Signing will merge them into one document ready for signing process.    

Documents negotiation

Now you can use document negotiation when selecting Face to Face (F2F) signing process. Travel to meet your customers / invitees face to face and complete the document negotiation on your tablet. No need to print agreements to be signed. This is a popular functionality for users working in the real estate industry, especially for signing sale and purchase agreements.

Please don’t hesitate to contact our support team on for any further assistance or questions regarding this release.

Secured Signing’s goal in 2018 is to continue on delivering exciting enhancements and value adding features for our users.  Secured Signing is the one stop solution for all your signing needs.