Secured Signing for the Information Renaissance

The era of internet and cloud computing is taking the information industry on a journey that mirrors Europe’s transformation from the medieval period to the Renaissance.

Ensuring security and minimizing risk is still important, but how that is achieved must change. Document level security provided by PKI based digital signatures ensure the authenticity and reliability of information independently of corporate networks and systems.


The Renaissance in Europe, fueled by the free flow of ideas and new technology broke down medieval walled cities and created the modern city as we know it. Renaissance cities thrived on agility and reducing barriers to commerce – like gates that literally choked the number of people that could come and go inside a walled city.


As the walls came down, the need for security did not go away but how it was achieved certainly changed. It became important to secure individual buildings, rooms and even strong boxes and safes rather than the whole town.


The same push for agility and flexibility means modern organizations must increasingly open up their networks and systems to engage directly with customers and the community. With this change must come a different approach to how information is kept secure. When documents are exchanged in electronic form, methods to provide simple, unambiguous confidence in the authenticity and reliability of these documents is vital.


Understanding the value of PKI based digital signatures and the risk of using signature images or simple electronic signatures is important in this context.


A digitally signature is invalidated if anything in the document changes. A digital signature cannot be copied to another document. The identity of the person who signed can be checked and objectively verified. The signed document is self-contained and standards based providing independence, long term reliability and portable security. Anyone opening the signed document can be confident it is reliable and authentic without needing to have access to your network or document management system.


The document centric reliability and authenticity you get with a PKI digital signature is a core capability for the information renaissance.


Every document signed with Secured Signing uses a personal PKI digital signature unique to the individual signing and the document being signed. People can sign anywhere, anytime and using any device.  There is no need to buy expensive hardware and software and commit to complex implementation projects.  You just create and account and pay for the documents you sign, when you sign them.


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