Secured Signing enables small and medium businesses to lead the way in Online Digital Signing

Secured Signing’s local knowledge and support make it the provider of choice for small and medium businesses looking to give their customers the simplicity and convenience of online digital signing.

The small and medium businesses that are leading the take up of online, digital signing have dramatically increased their speed of doing business, reduced their costs and increased customer convenience and satisfaction.


They choose Secured Signing for its ease of use, secure digital signing technology and the responsive support that comes from working with a local supplier.


The agility of small to medium businesses (SMBs) is placing them well ahead of the enterprise in offering their customers the speed and convenience of signing documents online. Local accounting practices and individual bookkeepers and their clients enjoy the simplicity and convenience of signing documents like their BAS statements, with a single click, wherever and whenever it suits them.


Suburban legal practices are much more likely to have realized that an electronic original, secured by a digital signature, not only provides a more authentic and reliable source document, but saves everyone the cost of postage and the avoids the print, sign and scan merry-go-round.


SMBs are by necessity lean and mean operations that need low risk, well supported and affordable outcomes from their suppliers. In assessing their eSign options, they value the security and independence of digital signing as compared to electronic signatures.


They recognize the advantage in working with a fellow local business that operates on the same hours they do and understands the approach to business in Australia and New Zealand. These factors and free inclusions tailored to the local market like Public Forms for online Tax File Number (TFN) declarations and Superannuation (Super) Fund Choice forms, have led SMBs to choose Secured Signing as their digital signature service provider.


Public Forms are available to all accounts including free evaluation accounts. SMBs can open a free account with no obligation and there is no need to supply credit card details to try before you buy.


“Secured Signing is affordable for even the smallest business with plans starting from as little as $9.95 per month.” said Mike Eyal, Managing director of Secured Signing. “The fact that our development team is local, gives us the capability to work closely with customers of all sizes to deliver solutions tailored to their needs and integration outcomes that avoid the wasted effort of manual data entry.”


About Secured Signing

Secured Signing provides a comprehensive and secure SaaS digital signature service that delivers a full range of form completion and eSigning capabilities combining advanced personalized X509 PKI Digital Signature technology with easy-to-use, simple-to-deploy, compliant solutions.


Secured Signing enables its users to utilize smartphones, PCs, any tablet device and any browser, to capture their graphical signature, fill-in, sign, seal and verify documents anywhere, anytime. The solution streamlines business processes, cuts back on expenses, expedites delivery cycles, improves staff efficiency and enhances customer service in a green environment.