Secured Signing CEO, Gal Thompson, announces 2023 kick-off meeting focusing on vision and yearly goals.

Secured Signing, the vanguard in Remote Online Notarization (RON) solutions, has ignited an industry-wide dialogue following its groundbreaking participation at the National Notary Association (NNA) Annual Conference 2023, earlier this month held at the Talking Stick Resort in Scottsdale, Arizona.

NNA 2023 crystallized as an epicenter for transformative insights on RON, marking a paradigm shift from last year’s focus on IPEN. This refreshing direction was embraced with an electric enthusiasm by the participants, who congregated at Secured Signing’s Booth #6 to delve into the company’s pioneering endeavors in the RON sphere.

Roger Castile, a prominent figure in Secured Signing’s US market, underscored the urgency of adapting to digital innovation in the notary world. “In the era of digitization, understanding and harnessing the power of RON is vital for notaries. At Secured Signing, we’re committed to catalyzing this understanding and providing robust, secure, and compliant solutions,” he highlighted.

The rising significance of RON on a national scale was mirrored by the surge for high-quality, in-depth information at the conference. Undaunted by this challenge, Secured Signing seized the moment by hosting an engaging User Conference that illuminated their distinctive RON offerings and delivered a comprehensive overview of state-specific RON requirements.

The User Conference served as an impactful launchpad for Secured Signing to initiate compelling discussions and unfold its unique RON solutions. The booth was widely applauded for its profound insights, while the conference was hailed as an “unforgettable” experience by the attendees.

“We were ecstatic with the whirlwind of engagement at our booth and the User Conference. The explosive interest in RON and our distinctive solutions was truly inspiring,” relayed Secured Signing’s Bill Gimbel, a powerhouse in the notary universe with a rich experience spanning over 25 years.

Secured Signing’s enlightening Competitive Analysis fact sheet, offering a deep dive into the notary landscape, was met with a resounding applause. This reinforced the company’s commitment to arm notaries with the critical knowledge necessary to sail smoothly through the choppy waters of modern notarization.

Radiating with positivity from the successes at NNA 2023, Secured Signing is geared up for further opportunities to enlighten, engage, and co-evolve with the notary community on the road ahead.

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