March 2023 Product Updates & Enhancements – Secured Signing


In today’s fast-paced world, time is of the essence. And when it comes to signing documents, the traditional pen-and-paper method can be a tedious and time-consuming process. Luckily, Secured Signing is here to revolutionize the way we sign documents with their latest improvements to Form Filler Templates- Conditional Logic and Formulas. 

With the introduction of Conditional Logic and Formulas, Secured Signing has taken the functionality of their Form Filler Templates to a whole new level. These new features provide users with a more flexible and customized document signing experience. 

Check out our latest video on how to use Conditional Logic and Formulas:

Conditional Logic 

The conditional logic fields allow users to create templates that adapt to the recipient’s responses, showing only the relevant information and fields. This not only saves time but also increases efficiency and accuracy, resulting in great signing experience. 


The addition of formula fields enables users to create complex calculations and decision-making rules that further automate the signing process, minimizing the risk of errors and improving accuracy. 


For more information on how to use Conditional Logic and Formulas please read our user guide here


Example Use Cases for Conditional Logic and Formulas 


Rental Car Forms: Streamline rental forms by prompting renters to provide additional details based on their input, such as asking for a supervisor’s details when entering a restricted license type or displaying the total rental cost by multiplying the number of rental days by the daily rental rate and adding any optional extras. Additionally, prompt renters to provide a more detailed description of their reason for renting when selecting “Other” in a dropdown menu. 

Sales and Order Forms: You could use conditional fields to display additional production options or calculate prices based on the user’s product selections or order quantity, such as showing discounted prices for bulk orders or upselling related products. 

Healthcare Forms: You could use conditional fields to show additional questions or prompts based on the patient’s medical history or symptoms, such as asking about allergies or pre-existing conditions when the patient reports specific symptoms or requesting additional information about a medication when the patient indicates they are taking it. 


See how a signer would experience a Secured Signing Form Filler document with Conditional Logic and Formulas below:


Form Filler Templates – Edit By

We have added a quality-of-life setting to our Form Filler Templates feature by allowing creators of a template to share the right to edit a template with other users on their organization’s account. Before only the creator of a template was able to edit it.  

This new setting is located within the template settings under “Edit By”. 


Secured Signing’s collaborative team are always at the helm in developing amazing, new, and innovative ways to engage business by delivering new features and platform enhancements that help simplify the process. The new features, paired with Secured Signing’s automated platform, allows companies to focus on building better business, while we focus on making your job easier, making you look good, and keeping your document processes secure and compliant!