Getting your Digital Signature Invitation to the Right People

In this second blog post on the all new Secured Signing we will be covering some great improvements to inviting people to sign your documents online. Its a process we call We Sign.  Specifically, well be stepping through rerouting or declining an invitation to sign.

The person who will digitally sign your document is not always the person youve been talking to during the process of reaching the agreement. In the case of a significant purchase, the selection process and product investigation will have been with the sales team, while the final contract document may need to be signed by a more senior executive. In this case, We Sign now provides you with the option of allowing your invitees to reroute the invitation to sign.

You choose whether your invitees are able to reroute or decline their invitation. Clicking the reroute button in the invitation email will prompt the invitee to provide the name and email address of the person who should sign the document. That person will then be issued with a new invitation to sign. Of course the rerouting is recorded in the document log for complete transparency of process.

If your invitee clicks the decline button in the email, they will be asked for the reason they are declining to sign.  This will be recorded in the document log.

Anytime an invitation to sign is rerouted or declined, the document owner will be notified of the changes by email.

One of the great benefits of working locally with our customers is hearing firsthand how we can improve Secured Signing to make their work life easier. The people we work with in procurement and contracts in particular, will welcome these enhancements to We Sign to make it even simpler to get their documents signed online.

The options to enable rerouting or declining are managed under My Settings in the My Account page once you are logged in to Secured Signing.

Next time well continue our tour of the new capabilities of Secured Signing with a look at using SMS as a second form of identity verification.