New Feature: Multi-Factor Authentication

Protecting our customers and our customer data is our highest priority at Secured Signing. It is important to provide customers with the right tools to enhance their security, which is why we have now released Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) for all our paid customers.

What is MFA? 

Multi-Factor Authentication is a security process that requires two forms of user ID to log in to Secured Signing. It helps keep your account safe. It adds an additional layer of security on top of your current login in process to prove that the person logging in is who they say they are. 

And, it’s free to use!  

There are two ways you can use MFA with Secured Signing: use an authenticator app or use SMS verification. 

For improved account security we recommend activating MFA on your account. 

What are our plans for Secured Signing users and MFA? 

Secured Signing is not enforcing MFA or stopping non-MFA users from accessing Secured Signing. However, we plan to auto-enable and enforce MFA for all logins to Secured Signing in the future. This is to ensure that we are providing all our customers with the highest level of security possible. 

How Do I Enable MFA?

For Business Accounts

Log in to your Secured Signing and navigate to My Account > My Settings > Account Security. 

Choose your verification method, enter the code, and add your backup email address. 


Can’t see this option? Get in touch with your Account Administrator. 

For Enterprise Accounts

For Enterprise Users, MFA will need to be activated through the Admin Portal. To activate please contact your Enterprise Administrator. 

In the case you are using Secured Signing with Azure Active Directory (AAD) Single Sign-On, Secured Signing’s MFA is not available. Please use the MFA setting within Azure Active Directory (AAD).

As the Admin, you will be prompted to set up Multi-Factor Authentication on login to the Admin Portal.

You can also navigate to your Settings > Account Security.

Enable MFA and choose which Authentication Method you would like to use across your organisation – Authenticator App or SMS.

Users will then be able to set up MFA using the instructions in the For Business Accounts section.

If you are coming through an API or integration, such as Salesforce, Bullhorn or JobAdder, or any other, you do not need to access Secured Signing with MFA.

If you need any assistance with setting up MFA for you or your organisation please get in contact with us here.

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