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Secured Signing’s Founder and Managing Director to Present at Cloud Services & Security Summit 2011

Friday, 29 April 2011

Technology and Data Security Expert to Highlight how Advanced Digital Signatures Technology Addresses Security Concerns in a Cloud Computing Environment.

Secured Signing, the leading provider of User Based PKI Digital Signatures SaaS Service, today announced that company Founder and Managing Director Mike Eyal is to speak at the Cloud Services & Security Summit to be held May 23–24 in Auckland.

In a session entitled “Secure Document Signing in the Cloud – Challenges and Solutions,” Mr. Eyal will highlight how the security proprieties of digital signature technology provide the incomparable response for businesses and end users who wish to sign their documents online.

“With user-based digital signature technology, each user gets a unique, personal signing key that seals the document and ensures document data integrity; this reinforces the signatory’s authenticity, intent, and non repudiation,” explained Mr. Eyal.” This essential security component coincides with other substantial business benefits including worldwide legal compliance, boosts of productivity and efficiency, cuts to expenses, improved customer service, promotion of paperless green environment, and many more.”

Mr. Eyal’s presentation will take place at the Rendezvous Hotel in Auckland on the morning of 24 May 2011. To register for this Summit, please call BrightStar Conferences on 09 912 3616, or visit

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Secured Signing using advanced PKI technology provides a comprehensive and secure web-based digital signature service that delivers a full range of signing capabilities that result in an easy to use, simple to deploy, compliant solution. Secured Signing is the only user-based, trusted, digital signature service that enables businesses and individuals to sign and seal documents, and verify them anywhere, anytime, on their desktop.

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