Salesforce: Use Triggers in Salesforce to Automate Sending of Documents for Signing

You can automate the document sending process for your team by using ‘Triggers’ in Salesforce to automatically send out certain document templates or packages.

In this article we will show you how you can setup & manage these triggers

Step 1 – Build Your Document Templates

Using Secured Signing’s FormFiller Tool you can create your own document templates using Salesforce fields. You can build an unlimited number of document templates.

Read Article – FormFiller, How to Build Document Template for further instructions.

Step 2 – Select the Templates and Signing Invitations to be Triggered

Go To ‘Secured Signing Settings’

Choose Settings Tab. Choose the Template(s) you want to automate and move the to the selected column.

Step 3. Create the Trigger Rule/Process

In Setup, go to ‘Object Manager’.

Choose the object which the trigger relates to.

Click on ‘Triggers’ from the menu on the left hand side bar.

Select your community and add the Trigger Code that relates to Secured Signing as below.

Note: You will need to amend the code depending on the action or changes that you want to setoff the trigger. The trigger will automatically send the document package for signing that created in step 2.

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