Notary: Failed IDV Procedure

This is what the signer sees when they fail the IDV, the assumption is when the notary signs in to join the session and clicks on the Go to Meeting tab they will see the signer failed the IDV with no green circle indicating the signer is not in the room.

ID verification failed

When the notary sees “Failed IDV” they should contact the signer to log back in after they have completed the below. 

The notary must return to their Pending tab and click on the >>I icon then the + (Signers Name I.e. William Gimbel) to see the images, as show on the third page.

ID verification failed continue anyway

After clicking on Allow Signing, the notary must reengage the session from their email/invitations tab and accept the signer into session. The signer logs back in, after entering their security code they will be ported directly to the signing platform. 

Allow Signing after failed ID Verification

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