Secured Signing eSign Platform Enables End to End Online Enrolment for Entamio Education Group

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Challenge: Entamio’s students want an online enrolment process that is quick, simple and can be completed where and when it suits them. Entamio needs to comply with legislative requirements and have properly executed agreements that are reliable in the event of a dispute.

The manual entry of prospective students’ details into the CRM system from a static online PDF enrolment form was costly, time consuming and limited the scalability and competitiveness of the business. It was difficult to see how new mandatory waiting periods of 2 business days before requesting VET Fee Help assistance could be reliably implemented using a manual process.

Solution: Secured Signing delivered an end to end signing workflow that steps students through a single process that starts with smart, dynamic online forms and finishes with documents presented for signing online with a personal, PKI based digital signature. The entire process can be completed on any device with just a standard web browser.

Results: The end to end enrolment process with secure digital signing transforms an increasing compliance cost into a driver for competitiveness. The Secured Signing solution meets student’s expectations of online convenience and gives Entamio Education Group confidence their enrolment process is as lean as it can be and is fully compliant.


Entamio has offered students an online enrolment form for some time as part of their web presence. However the form was a static PDF document which had limited capability to integrate with Entamio’s systems and left large compliance gaps. This meant a lot of manual work was needed to complete an enrolment which created cost, introduced delays and opened the door for poor data collection.

An offline enrolment also made it harder to comply with new process centric compliance requirements. For example, keeping track of new mandated waiting periods between signing course documents and applications for fee help would have required recording these dates and someone remembering to check and send the next documents for signing. Complying with these time sensitive requirements manually is labour intensive and prone to error.


The local development team at Secured Signing were able to work with Entamio to understand their specific requirements and tailor an end to end signing workflow. Students are stepped through a single process that starts with smart, dynamic online forms and finishes with documents presented for signing online with a personal, PKI based digital signature. The entire process can be completed on any device with just a standard web browser.

“Secured Signing has allowed us to reconcile our student’s expectations around convenience with the increasingly strict regulatory environment we work in. The outcome delivers high customer satisfaction, reduced costs and increased compliance which is no small feat.” noted William Flesher, Director Business Channels for Entamio Group.

The student is guided through a smart online form to start the enrolment process. The form is dynamic so the student only sees fields they must complete, making it as simple as possible. For example, if the student indicates they do not yet have a USI (Universal Student Identifier), the fields to authorise Entamio to apply for one on their behalf will then appear on screen. All mandatory items must be completed to progress to the next screen and data such as tax file number (TFN) can be validated so the form will be complete and correct the first time.

Secured Signing automates the creation of a prospective student in Entamio’s CRM system. This avoids wasted effort in staff copying or rekeying data into internal systems from the submitted form. It also ensures higher accuracy avoiding potential errors from manual data entry.

Once submitted, Secured Signing generates all required documents for signing and issues invitations to sign the documents by email and SMS. Documents can be signed on any device, anywhere and at any time.

Secured Signing provides automated reminders saving staff the need to do this manually. A dashboard of all workflows provides complete visibility for both the school and channel partners.

The workflow enforces process compliance and delivers an audit trail of all events. Each form or document can have a different due date for signing to reflect legislative and regulatory requirements. Waiting periods are also automated, with the system waiting a defined period before issuing the invitation to sign the next document. If the applicant is underage, the guardian consent requirements are automatically folded into the signatures required on the documents. Building all these rules, and others into the workflow makes it simpler for staff and ensures they are not missed by accident or inexperience and avoids costly and frustrating rework.

“The value of the Secured Signing solution is it delivers process based compliance in being able to demonstrate the correct steps were followed, all underpinned with the authenticity and reliability of electronic documents secured by PKI digital signatures.“ said Mr. Flesher.

Unlike a simple picture of a signature, digital signatures use an industry standard to seal signed documents from being changed once they are signed. The signature also contains a unique certificate that verifies the identity of the signer.

According to Mike Eyal, Managing Director of Secured Signing, “If a document is important enough to require a signature, then it should have a secure digital signature. Electronic signatures just aren’t good enough. Every document signed with Secured Signing uses a personal PKI based digital signature providing absolute confidence in the reliability of the document content and the authenticity of who signed the document.”


In the face of an increasing regulatory burden, the Secured Signing solution gives Entamio the ability to effectively scale their business with the confidence their enrolment process is as lean as it can be. The specific benefits of having an automated and completely paperless, online enrolment systems include:

  • Providing a great online experience for students
  • Avoiding rework and delays with forms complete and correct first time
  • Time saving by removing data entry and increasing the accuracy of CRM data
  • Much greater process visibility and transparency
  • Automated notifications and reminders
  • Security of personal PKI based digital signatures

“Without moving to a fully integrated online enrolment process I can’t see how we would have been able to address our compliance obligations without taking on more staff” said Mr Flesher. “The solution Secured Signing delivered contributes directly to reducing cost and increasing our competitiveness.”

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