Apps overview

Streamline your business


Fill-in and sign online and PDF forms. Add digital signatures and streamline forms process. Experience the ultimate in online paperless signing.


Secured Signing customised workflow allows a unique digital process to fill-in and sign forms. It initiates signing of any document type, enables you to attach files to an email invitation, customises email notification, and uploads documents from form page while taking photo by mobile device.


Secured Signing enables a Notary Public to notarise documents. The Notary feature adds Certify and Approval signatures; the signing ceremony supports signatories who are in the same room, or an email invitation could be sent out for remote signing.


Secured Signing CrimTrac App allows employers to conduct employee's background check truly online and paper free. The Digital Signature technology, fill-in and signing process with file submission to CrimeTrac's broker makes it easy and simple.

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