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Step 1: Open Secured Signing admin action

Login to JobAdder with an Admin user and select one of following records:


Then select ‘Secured Signing’ in the ‘Actions’ menu and select Admin.


This shows the current membership details, including plan and usage, and is also used for managing user connections.

You can find a more detailed user guide here.

Admin Portal

Clicking this redirect you to Secured Signing Enterprise Portal where you can manage your company settings; this is only visible for the user with a Secured Signing admin role.

When a user has been assigned the admin role, a notification email will be sent.

Secured Signing Admin Portal


You can setup settings for your JobAdder integration to make it work for you better.

Step 2: Find Secured Signing Dashboard

Select Dashboard from the Secured Signing menu in ‘Actions’ when selecting one of following record:


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My Account

The My Account tab shows a summary of your Secured Signing account details.


The Dashboard tab shows summaries and records of your Secured Signing account, within the current billing cycle, and shows data on various signing metrics, including:

  • Total Documents
  • Total Signed
  • Completion Rate
  • Document Status
  • Average Document Volume
  • Average Completion Time

Document Status

The Document Status tab shows all documents that are in progress or completed, and allows you to manage all your in progress documents in one place.

See here for a more detailed user guide.


The User Reports tab can be used run and export reports on various aspects of your document usage. These can be within any specific date range.

Step 3: Find Send for Signing action in Candidate

  1. Login to JobAdder
  2. Open a candidate record
  3. Find Secured Signing in the Actions drop-down list.
  4. Select ‘Send for Signature’

Clicking ‘Send for Signature’ will then open a second page to decide which function you require.

There are 3 major features Secured Signing provides in JobAdder
We Sign: Prepare your document, add form fields and signatures, send invitation for others to fill-in and sign within seconds with a signing workflow. Signed document and field data saves back into JobAdder.
Form Filler: Create and save your Secured Signing forms and templates, add signatures and form fields. Speed up the signing process and workflow with reusable document templates. Signed document and field data saves back into JobAdder.
Form Direct: Forms customised by Secured Signing for your business needs, workflow, data mapping and validation rules. Invite others to fill in & sign these mobile ready web forms. Signed document and field data saves back into JobAdder.

Step 6: What’s for document status

Selecting Document Status from the Secured Signing Action menu, shows the in progress and signed documents related to the record you opened it from. This allows you to easily find and manage your documents for a particular candidate.

Step 7: Secured Signing is also available from other records

You can also find Secured Signing in the following record types:

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