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ID Verification Number of Attempts

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ID Verification settings – number of attempts.

The Signer/client needs to capture/scan ac lear picture of their Government ID. Sometimes this image doesn’t pass due to the edges of the image being cut off  or the invitee’s finger covers some of the ID.

The default is one attempt however it is recommended to allow 2 attempts for each signer, please keep in mind the the 2nd attempt if used will  cost an additional round of ID Verification.

To make a  2nd attempt the signer will have a button on the notification that ID Verification has failed, with a  ‘Try Again’ Button .

In case the invitees fails both attempts at ID Verification, the signer/client can’t access the RON/Video Signing/signing process, however  the sender tocan manually allow the signer/client to access RON/Video Signing/Signing process.

Go to the In Progress Tab -> find the document -> Click on the “arrow” icon

Navigating to the “ID Verfication failed – continue anyway?” button.

You will see the list of clients who failed ID Verification, click on the names you want to proceed with the signing and press the allow signing button (see above).

This signer has failed ID Verification. It is your responsibility to decide if they proceed to signing anyway?

Signer needs to click on the link in the email invitation to access signing process even failed ID Verification once the process above used.

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