Digital Signature Solution Offers Reliable Verification Service

The exceptional capabilities of the user-based PKI digital signature solution offers the advantages described above with legal compliance and highest security marks. Furthermore, its exclusive verification tool provides a clear answer to the following legitimate concerns when signing documents online.

The Cloud that Changes and Challenges Decision Makers

The triumphant adoption of the digital signature Cloud service for signing electronic documents online by mid to large-size organisations serve as a great example to the above: a successful, well planned incorporation of a reliable, and professional service that connects both IT and senior management with the highest level of advanced electronic signature technology.

Digital Signature – Governments’ Choice for Electronic Documents

Following the development of electronic products and services and worldwide legal recognition of electronic signatures, an increasing number of Ministries adopt digital signature technology for signing online electronic documents. The preferred choice seems very logical in light of the apparent ability to alter or copy electronic documents that can be used in unauthorized ways. The form of user-based PKI digital signature that utilises encryption technology to sign documents ensures that the signature is uniquely linked to the signatory and document, and that any changes can be immediately detected.

Digital Signature Delivers Instant Mass Invitations

The superior functionality, feature’s simplicity, legal compliance, and security level of the user-based PKI digital signature (advanced electronic signature) technology are second to none! The elimination of paper handling, reduced expenses, and satisfied end users who experience exceptional customer service – are all testimony to the effectiveness mentioned above.

Digital Signature – A Way to Win a Woman’s Heart

A user-based PKI digital signature adequately indicates the signatory’s sole custody and approval of the information to which the signature relates. The encrypted electronic signature authenticates signatures and documents as genuine, and therefore, makes the signing of documents online secure, efficient, and fast.

Digital Signature Service Meets Decision-making Preference

While it is impossible to establish the particular-decision making process implemented by each purchaser of the user-based PKI digital signature (advanced electronic signature) cloud solution, the following criteria repeatedly emerges from customers’ testimonials: Streamlined business process, Reduced costs – higher profits and income, Improved business productivity and efficiency, Highest level of security, Compliance with legal regulations, Satisfied customers, Green environment.

Digital Signature Online Service – A Worldwide Trend

Online document signing with a digital signature is not specific to one particular country or industry. Secured Signing’s compliant and highly secured, user-based, PKI digital signature solution is implemented daily around the globe by airlines, recruitment agencies, legal firms, accountants, finance and communication companies, government departments, real estate agents, retail businesses, and many more. The trend of shifting from paper signing to an electronic signature process that uses a trusted digital signature service is, in fact, a part of a greater life cycle that drives productivity, efficiency, and creates real business value.

Digital Signature Service – Champion Choice in Turbulent Times

Signing documents with Secured Signing provides the best electronic signature answer! The secured and legally binding digital signature online service stops the scanning, printing, binding, and handling of paper, it cuts operational and processing costs, saves time, expedites processes, and frees up budget, staff, and other resources for the core business.

Digital Signature – The Audit Trail Proof

In today’s business environment, the Internet and the Web are rapidly using electronic implementation to replace the paper business processes for audit trail that for generations were commonly used. This substantial change to a virtual environment carries significant advantages and some challenges to auditors, executives, and/or business owners.

The Green Digital Signature

While saving paper, trees, and storage space, businesses who are using the Secured Signing online service are also cutting back on power consumption and reducing air pollution and dependence on carbon-producing services that would typically be required to move a document urgently cross-city / state just to have it signed off by an authorised representative.