Break Up with the Post Before it Breaks Up with You

Even the folks that run the postal system agree that the daily letter service is increasingly looking like an endangered species. If you can no longer rely on traditional post to communicate with customers, Digital Signatures become a vital tool in providing authentic and reliable electronic mail. 

As part of a recent webinar we delivered, participants were polled about their interaction with the postal system. The results bore out the doom and gloom predictions for traditional postage services.

More than 1 in 2 of the participants had sent less than 1 or 2 letters in the past year while more than 4 out of 5 had sent less than 1 letter a month for the same period. That leaves less than 1 in 5 people as regular users of the postal system.

When asked about their communication preferences, nobody said they would prefer to receive letters from the companies they deal with. A few said they preferred communication by phone. Not surprisingly, more than 90% indicated email was their preferred method of communication.

With so many of us not sending letters and not wanting to receive them, it is no surprise that postal services the world over are looking at the sustainability of a daily mail service and increasing the price of stamps.

While casual communications may be fine sent as an email, there are many business transactions that require more authenticity and reliability. When purchasing significant items, a contract document that both parties agree is reliable is vital. When bringing new employees on board it is vital the declarations they sign and the information they provide is demonstrably authentic. When governments provide advice, reach decisions and issue approvals, the applicant must be confident the document is authentic and the agency needs confidence the outcome cannot be misrepresented.

In all these case, people have turned to digital signatures to deliver the authenticity and reliability necessary to communicate with customers and the community electronically. If an organization is using standards complaint, PKI based digital signatures, they can objectively verify their signed document has not been tampered with. People receiving a digitally signed electronic document can be confident the document is authentic and can be relied upon.

Don’t wait for the traditional mail service to cease before you make the move online. Your customers and community are waiting for you to stop sending them letters. Just make sure you make your transition to electronic mail secure, reliable and authentic!

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Til next time

Cheers, John